Key Services
  • Facilities Management, Maintenance, & Repairs
    • vendor screening
    • 24 hour emergency service
    • general, preventative, and recurring maintenance
    • pest control
    • lawn/landscape & grounds maintenance
  • Inspections & Assessments
    • Property
    • Life Safety
  • Green building
    • LEED Certified Accredited Professional
    • design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions
  • Evaluation, Consultation, & Planning
    • capital improvement
    • construction
    • comparative campus housing analysis

Facilities Management, Maintenance & Repairs

Greek Key provides an initial property analysis, from which we help House Corporations (both local & national) develop capital improvement goals, as well as preventative maintenance programs, budgets and schedules. Thereafter house service requests are submitted online or toll-free by phone, by house moms, managers, chapter leadership, or anyone with authority. Both emergency and non-emergency work requests are tracked on-line, allowing real-time access to the details and status of any service need. Prompt service is rendered by licensed, insured & pre-screened professionals.

Inspections & Assessments

In addition to the initial property analysis for management and maintenance services, Greek Key can provide annual preventative maintenance, seasonal, and life safety inspections.

Green Building

Sustainable building methods and systems are working their way into the consciousness of the mainstream. Campuses and Greek organizations are ahead of the curve, many having taken early steps to "go green". As LEED Accredited Professionals we can help you in your effort to minimize the impact that your house and its operations have on the planet. We will also discover for you hidden opportunities to recycle, conserve, and save.

Evaluation, Consultation & Planning

Whether your interest is real estate, renovation, new construction, or comparative campus housing analysis Greek Key can help you 'learn the ropes,' evaluate the options, and make the right choices for your organization. Tell us what your needs are.